Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMFG ART: Shary Boyle and Cody Cochrane

I've decided that in an attempt to further my knowledge of contemporary artists and illustrators I will try to feature a few creative's a week on here! Not only will my wealth of art knowledge grow, now I'll have a place to share my relentless bookmarking.

The OMFG artists of the week are Shary Boyle and Cody Cochrane.

I have major girl crushes on these very talented ladies and whats even better then rad girl art...well that is rad girl art by Torontonians! Yup, thats right...these ladies are T.O. natives and they are sure doing a great job of representing Canadian contemporary art!

I certainly suggest you mosey on down to the AGO to check out Boyle porcelain figures which are in the permanent collection as well as check out Cochrane up coming show at Narwhal on December 11!


heleen said...

I think that mirror piece is absolutely genius... wow. just brilliant.

I'm very excited about this new weekly feature, can't wait to see what new artists you'll introduce me to!

Jennifer said...

This is a fabulous idea, I may steal it!

Julia Dickens said...

on the subject of Cody Cochrane and Shary Boyle... i know, right? so fucking good. Did you see Cody's show at 107 shaw? made me simultaneously want to quit but also keep making a lot of, art.