Friday, December 4, 2009

late night, hammer hard

So it's the night before the show and my house is no longer a home but rather a gallery. All of my furniture is packed away into my bedroom. All evidence of my existence is tucked tightly away. Its quite odd to be responsible for others peoples art. Hanging on my walls under my watchful eye, they wait. You can really look at peoples art when your alone with it. You see things that you wouldn't have if they were around. You feel guilty, as if your doing something you shouldn't do, even though their hanging there to be looked at. However, tonight I'll be staring deep into the eyes of my own piece. With over $50 worth of embroidery floss, buckets of nails, a 3 dollar hammer, some old fashioned elbow grease and plenty of caffeine I think I can survive the next 24 hours.


eunice luk said...

a. that looks really really really fucking awesome. embroidery on the wall?!? so excited to see it in person.

b. yes yes yes! i would love to be part of your future endeavors. girls show would be cool.

Sabrina Parolin said...

Ahh amazing Sasha!! Looks wonderful already.

Also, I just realized I have neither your email or cell sad. I'm sending out Christmas cards though, so if you'd like one email me your address!! (

arielle said...

dis my stuf

thanks for the whinneee

Vesna said...

was a biege slouchy hat left at your place after thursday??