Monday, December 14, 2009

OMFG ART: Amy Brown & Melvin Galapon

Due to annoying internet issues earlier this week, I'm running a tad behind in my postings but don't worry, everything is back to normal and I'm ready to chat about a few more spectacular creative’s as promised!

The OMFG artists this week are Amy Brown and Melvin Galapon

Though these folks are on opposite spectrum's artistically, they have both peaked my interest in something new and have encouraged me to step outside the box creatively.

Amy Brown is an illustrator based out of London. She creates playfully naive drawings that make you wish there was a space ship to the land of her brain! However, what really brought stars to my eyes was her colourful king tut short! Her simple yet fun style really got me turned onto the idea of seeing my drawings in motion and gave me the confidence to think it was possible. Here is the wonderful animation and a few examples of her work!

Egypt Egypt from Amy Brown on Vimeo.

Melvin is a graphic designer who is also based out of London. He creates stunning pieces of design which often use iconographic imagery to comment on contemporary culture. These few images don't do justice to the body of his work, so I highly suggest checking out his website! His beautiful designs continue to tweak my interest in word art and encourages me to keep exploring typography in my own work.