Friday, April 8, 2011

the dirty thoughts of gutter minds

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Here are my finally two pieces for my thesis project! I worked really hard on these guys and got bronchitis in the process but it I suppose it was all worth it because I'm very pleased with how they turned out. The first piece is about a group experience between two girls and an eager flower. I think this is one of my strongest thesis pieces and I had quite a lot of fun drawing their beach girl outfits. On the other hand, there was some debate in class about whether the second piece was depicting a violent sexual act or not. While my intention was to portray a resourceful lumberjack, some of my peers believed it suggested the raping of nature. You'll be able to see my work, along side tons of extremely talented students at the OCAD grad show this may! If you are in Toronto, be sure to stop by and spend some time checking out the eye candy!

the OCAD Graduation exhibition is from May 5th-8th, check out the schedule and info HERE

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