Monday, August 23, 2010

stringy business


Pia N said...

that looks awesome, fantastic.

Anonymous said...

this is an utterly misguided attempt at public art. yes, it's pretty, but the disregard for the health of the tree and the reaction of others to the tree's harm (the nails) is so very ugly.

i'm all for guerilla art. i do it myself. i did the i miss you sign in bellwoods with a friend, and some yarn, so i understand the appeal of that material and its degradation over time, and the appeal of beautifying public space through unsanctioned acts.

but harming a living piece of public space to express an idea of aesthetic beauty can only take away from the community. trees are already beautiful. even a tagger understands that you don't paint trees.

if you'd have just tied on the yarn instead of nailing it, that might have helped. i'm sorry for the lecturing tone because i want to encourage as much guerilla art as a city can hold. i'd love to see you do more of this work, but playing off of the dead, useless, ugly forms that a city is full of, not the living forms that are already beautiful.

Anonymous said...

yeah i heard someone did some string piece with a tree and it killed it in trinity bellwoods... i guess this is it