Sunday, March 21, 2010

grey clouds are comforting.

I noticed I hadn't done a pointless inspiration post in quite a long time and decided to upload a few of my recent google image favourites...I seem to be going through some sort of black and white phase (please don't try to psychoanalyze why). I'm also not quite sure why I've developed an interest in puppetry, however I just can't seem to get enough of things on sticks or strings. The movie is both terrible and amazing. If you can get past the odd man in a military costume, there's some incredible shadow puppetry that makes me want to quite life and live behind a illuminated sheet. Enjoy my attempt to keep this blog up to date and please trust that real art will come soon!
p.s. The string horses are done by a spectacular french artist named Sandrine Pelletier, her work is unbelievable and disgustingly inspiring!