Sunday, January 17, 2010

OMFG ART: Kelsey Brookes!

Kelsey Brookes is an incredible artist that I stumbled upon on Fecal Face. His work is technically impressive, for an artist who only 6 years ago called himself a microbiologist. A year long surfing trip to Australia turned Kelsey onto the idea of making art and by 2005 he left the science industry to pursue a full time career as an artist. Kelsey's work is bitterly sweet and reminds me of what candy land might look like on acid. His ability to juxtapose seemingly innocent element with erotic or even perverted undertones undeniably attractive. Kelsey's work is influenced by Hindu and Buddhist deities, the discovery channel, erotica and quilt (what a mash up!). His beautiful paintings inspire me to work bigger and to never sleep!

1 comment:

arielle said...

looks like he's into aurel schmidt

but i'd take aurel over him... or just about anyone!