Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Land of Milk

This is a piece I did for my media class based on the "got milk" campaign. I chose to upload the image without the milk logo so that it could stand alone as an illustration. I don't know what it is about digital illustration that gets me jonesing for anything and everything 90's.....busy prints and tacky colours..... sounds like perfection! This is actually a piece of a larger illustration I did for my best friend Taya's new art publication Fat City Wildcat! It is a book featuring an array of rad Toronto based artists and illustrators and if your in the Greater Toronto Area on December 5 I suggest that you stop by 461 Dundas west for the release party! There will be booze, food, art and music, plus a house full of uber talented art folk! Don't hermit your life away.... stop by and have some fun!

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