Monday, August 17, 2009

pretty little things

Here are a few shots of my new totes and t-shirts! I'm surprisingly happy with how they turned out, but it's kind of surreal to see my images on them. I'll be selling them, as well as my original pieces and a few other little things I've thrown together at next Saturdays Crafternoon and Tea. Crafternoon and Tea is a craft sale which is hosted by the lovely Nathalie-Roze at her Leslieville shop located at 1015 Queen E . I encourage anyone who has a soft spot for homemade treasures to stop by and check out the array of goodies. I promise you won't be disappointed!


eunice luk said...

soo cute!!! i think i might drop by if i don't have to work.

bella shea said...

i love that you used the word "surreal" to describe seeing your art, as i feel that way when i admire it as well! everything you create is so lovely.
best wishes,

yigi chang said...

OMG SASHA, these look so freaken stellar! i took a break from blogging for a bit and the next thing i know, ur selling merchandise! im so proud of you!

eunice luk said...

sasha! i had to work yesterday but do you still have any totes left?

i would like to purchase one!

I - X said...

very beautiful