Friday, March 27, 2009

a dame called murder


Queen Of Russia said...

Gorgeous lady!

You have a great haircut, really suits you.

...this is right on the money.


Lisa Keophila said...

Hi Sasha,
My name's Lisa Keophila - you left me a sweet note at my studio space (Project 165 in Kensington Mkt). Your style and sense of colour is fantastic! Hope to meet you one of these days (perhaps at a future open studio/party?) and I look forward to seeing more of your work. If you're interested, check out my links (I'll be updating soon). Keep in touch!

rosco :p said...

well..i probably want to have your haircut and your entire wardrobe. and just maybe even your artistic abilities. just throwing it out there.
good job!

daynacupcake said...

lovely, so perfect... I love this photo. & I love your haircut. I wish I could pull off a haircut like that.

love, dayna

p.s. I love the drawing in your previous post. It's adorable. I love it to pieces!! :*